Health Programmes Delivery

Managing stakeholders & suppliers to deliver high quality output.

To drive sustainability, we invest in local capacity enhancement at all stages of programme delivery. Structured skills transfer programmes are intrinsic to our way of working.

Programme Management

Health programmes in their nature are delivered over expansive geographical locations and across multiple institutions varying in scope and size. We help our clients to coordinate limited resources across a portfolio of projects be it at healthcare facility level or across institutions within district and provincial and national health systems. We provide supporting systems and tools to ensure consistent delivery and better control across the entire portfolio. We also assist our clients to manage stakeholders more effectively to deliver higher quality outputs.

Technical Assistance

We work directly with national and provincial Ministries/Departments of Health, foundations, development partners, investors, communities and civil society to familiarize them with emerging trends, strategize, and provide practical technical assistance around best practices.

Programme M&E and Audit

Our team of specialists has experience and expertise to:

Target & Performance Monitoring
We work with clients to set & track targets and trajectories facilitating effective programme delivery. We perform rigorous monitoring and evaluation that informs project start-up, refines implementation and provides insight into sustainability and scalability. Our work encompasses the development of performance monitoring plans for organisations, individual projects and programmes; performance monitoring during project execution, as well as data quality assessments.

Perform Impact Assessments
We conduct assessments independently to assure the delivery of programmes by other players to support policy and healthcare delivery planning. From the onset, we align objectives and research questions to ensure the collection of meaningful data for our stakeholders. We also perform project and programme close-out evaluation to assess the impact of deliverables against targets.

Our Pharmacovigilance (PV) work /sub-practice/programme is aligned with the WHO PV programme which aims to enhance patient care and patient safety in relation to the use of medicines. We have developed robust data collection systems for use at the point of care; and analytical tools to support/enhance disease management/drug management. Our specific focus is on Chronic medicines.

Operational Performance & Improvement

Pulse Heath works across the entire value chain or segments thereof to transform the experience of the health consumer. With a focus on meeting locally identified priorities and maximizing the effectiveness of available resources, we apply relevant diagnostic tools, and develop processes, systems and capability to improve core health system functions.