Health Systems Advisory

Developing strategy & tools to enable better decisions.

Health Strategy & Planning

We support corporations, governments, foundations, development partners, investors, communities and civil society to develop strategies for building resilient healthcare systems for provision of quality and sustainable healthcare. Our support can vary from development of interventions to address a specific problem to an entirely new approach to healthcare delivery/strategic planning and management.
Benefits of a strategy can only materialise/be realised with swift, agile execution/ deployment.

Pulse Health works with implementers and funders to translate and execute national health policies and strategies into implementable, scalable and measurable solutions for lasting impact. Through our comprehensive and integrated delivery framework, we create clarity in purpose, alignment of processes, people and tools and an accountability framework for everyone involved in achieving our partners and client’s goals.

Procurement & SCM Strategy

Pulse Health assists clients transition towards a patient-centred supply chain that balances the increasing needs for agility and responsiveness against quality and costs. We advise on/facilitate procurement decisions that embody efficiency, reliability and sustainability.

Business Case Development

We have the experience and expertise to prepare business cases that satisfy the most demanding stakeholders and approval processes. Using rigorous/robust analytical techniques and tools (qualitative and quantitative), we ensure the business case process delivers the right investment option for your organization.

We also provide our clients with independent/objective business case appraisal and assurance capability to ensure/guarantee strategic fit, financial viability, economic robustness, impact and deliverability.
Our scope of services ranges from entire portfolios, to programmes and individual projects.

We work with our clients in any or all of the following areas:

  • Defining a compelling need/Creating clarity of purpose; and exploring/investigating alternative/possible interventions/options analysis
  • Validating/Evaluating proposals (for impact, viability, sustainability, costs, risk, etc.) against best in class/best practice
  • Identifying/Investigating sources of funding and supporting the application thereof/for grant funding (proposal development)