Strategic Health Information & Technology

Pulse uses Data to direct resources towards highest impact initiatives; & leveraging innovative technologies to improve access & deliver better health outcomes.

Pulse Health provides customised, easy-to-use and fit-for-purpose information systems and data management solutions to drive informed decision-making. We design and deliver technology solutions to healthcare providers to facilitate collection and use of data for improved outcomes by developing highly configurable tools such as dashboards and interoperable data collection instruments, platforms and warehouses.


Predictive Analytics & Modelling

Pulse Health has a suite of state-of-the-art tools that analyse economic and epidemiologic data patterns to forecast within fair margins consequences of planned and existing health programmes, strategies and policies. All our tools are fully customizable applying only relevant modules to deliver required outputs. Analysis and Modelling services can be rendered for small and large data sets at national, provincial, district and individual programme & project levels.


Data visualisation & Interpretation

We make data make sense for healthcare professionals, decision makers, and our team of experts designs powerful yet user-friendly models that make apparent performance, impact, focusing on the UNAIDS 90-90-90 strategy to inform interventions and decision making.


Monitoring & Evaluation

Our cutting-edge M&E tools uncover valuable insights from/salient features of seemingly unrelated pieces of data. We enable/facilitate evidence-based programme management/ programmatic decision-making through a blend of quantitative, qualitative and operational research techniques.



Using GIS tools we aggregate/ integrate disparate data from a wide variety of sources to establish patterns/trends and correlations between disease, population groups and geographic location to inform public health response interventions. Our advanced visualisation techniques find application in addressing/elimination of health disparities/Equity in provision.
Through GIS technologies, Pulse Health can support your organization’s Health Care Analytics in the following areas:

  • Health program evaluation
  • Operational health metrics
  • Health market demand analysis and site planning, and
  • Web portals and dashboards.



Mobile healthcare technology (mHealth) creates opportunities to improve productivity of healthcare professionals, increase access to healthcare and health-related information (particularly for hard-to-reach populations); and enables the collection of real-time actionable clinical data/epidemiological amongst many other benefits. Our team of developers is geared towards responding to public health needs through innovative software and application solutions that integrate well with all mobile Operating Systems and Health Information Platforms such as the DHIS